MECSYCO is built on the paradigm Agents and Artifacts to describe complex systems as multi-models. It provides a formalization of these concepts in DEVS to ensure causality of the simulation. See concepts section to have more details.


MECSYCO is now available on Inria GitLab.

The work is currently split in four projects:

  • MecsycoJava contains the core of the MECSYCO co-simulation middleware written in Java. This is the most supported version.
  • MecsycoScholar is a MECSYCO user project that contains tutorials and examples.
  • MecsycoCpp is a C++ version of MECSYCO used to interact with ns-3 and OMNeT++.
  • MecsycoDsl is an XText project that defines Domain Specific Languages for MECSYCO . They are associated with a description-based development process.


The following tutorials are available in the MecsycoScholar projects. Follow the documentation on MecsycoJava and MecsycoScholar.

A getting started result Getting Started A getting started 2 result Getting Started 2


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Latest news:

MECSYCO 3.0 release

This major release is linked to the migration of the MECSYCO projects on Inria GitLab in public repositories. All MECSYCO source code (both Java and C++ version) is now accessible.

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